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Resin figures and busts to paint by oda models

Resin figures and busts to paint by oda models


Miniature wolf for scenes and dioramas.


Wildcat skull

Wildcat skull for your scenes and dioramas. Available in various scales.


Wild pig

Miniature Wild pig for scenes and dioramas.


Tyd Bust

Bust of Tyd, the baddest girl in cyberspace. With her super sonic cannon she is able to shoot down anything, and with her sword she can fight hand to hand as she is a master in battle.


Trapper Bust

"Bust that represents an old and lonely trapper from the mountains, accompanied only by his shotgun and traps. A historical bust different from the others. You will love painting his skin tanned by the cold and the skins of his clothing."



Miniature toad for scenes and dioramas.


Tesai Figure

Lovers of the samurai world, this is your figure! Tesai is a humanized tiger samurai. If you like the Japanese theme, this is your chance to paint a different samurai. We also have it in bust.

€35.00 €40.00

Tesai Bust

Bust that represents a humanized tiger, with armor and samurai helmet. If you like the Japanese theme, you will love this bust. Cast bust.


Tana Bust

Tana is a girl who has had to live in an apocalyptic world. It is a perfect bust to practice textures and techniques such as non-metallic metal on the shoulder pad, leather, fabrics, hair, glass effect on glasses, etc. 3D printing in full detail.


Standing fox

Miniature fox for scenes and dioramas. Pose: standing fox .



Miniature Squirrel for scenes and dioramas.