Best sellers


Miniature toad for scenes and dioramas.


Deva Bust

Little remains on this planet ravaged by pollution and climate change. But for Deva, where there is life there is hope.


Arctic Lemming

Miniature arctic lemming run for scenes and dioramas.


FatTrooper and AT- T Dog...

Sedentary living and caloric meals take their toll on all of us, even a Stormtrooper! And of course, his faithful friend, Dog AT-AT, waits impatiently for him to drop something. What a fun scene can be mounted with these two! You dare?


croaking toad

Miniature toad for scenes and dioramas.


Jinx figure

The Jinx figure, a character from the famous game, with the amount of details and accessories it has. It is a figure designed and printed in 3D with high quality resin.


Sitting fox

Miniature fox for scenes and dioramas. Pose: sitting fox.



Miniature Squirrel for scenes and dioramas.



Miniature Raccoon for scenes and dioramas.


Hell Boy Bust

Bust design and 3D printing with high quality resin. If you like modeling, enjoy assembling and painting this bust.  2 sizes. 


Desert animals set

Desert animals set for your scenes and dioramas. Available in various scales.